About Casey Schuetzle, RN

Casey Schuetzle

Aesthetic Nurse located in Arcata, CA

Casey Schuetzle, RN is an experienced aesthetic nurse at North Pacific Dermatology, a dermatology and aesthetics practice in Arcata, California.

Casey enjoys uplifting and empowering her patients while focusing on highlighting their natural beauty. She brings a passion for connecting with each patient and is committed to continuing education, inclusivity, and ethical, safe practice.

Casey first worked as an aesthetician for 17 years, and the love of this field motivated her to continue her schooling. She earned her Associate in Nursing at College of the Redwoods in 2020, and completed her Bachelor in Nursing at Chico State in 2021. After working a year in acute care as a nurse, she joined the North Pacific Dermatology and North Pacific Aesthetics teams in 2022, to pursue her career in medical aesthetics.

Casey was raised in Humboldt County, and in her spare time she enjoys surfing with her husband, traveling, and going on hikes in the redwoods.